President’s Statement

President’s Statement

The first and main activity of this foundation will be to identify persons, groups, entities and causes which are making or have made or will make especially new or unique contributions in a field of endeavor or to a cause or an idea, which benefits or will benefit others, the local community, the state, the country, other nations or the planet.

The basic purpose of any grant or award is to identify, acknowledge and reward recipients for doing something original and doing it remarkably well and may provide funding for the continuation of such action and programs. However the funding grants or awards should be targeted for that selected goal and purpose, rather than as merely the provision of ongoing financial support to existing entities who are already funded for their specific goals.

Recipients may, but need not consist of a population that is found to be otherwise excluded by certain obstacles from the opportunity to fully accomplish extraordinary goals and deeds. Financial need is not essential but may be a consideration.

The SUI GENERIS Foundation Board members will nominate recipients from a variety of sources such as personal knowledge, that of associates, and others known to them or recommended to them and eventually by the Foundation’s own search. In the first year, the search and awards will be limited to the Bay Area and primarily the East Bay.

Then the Board will select from those identified non profit organizations and individuals, the final group of recipients to whom it may provide outright gifts, grants, or awards that recognize past achievements, or support continuation of a recipient’s remarkable work, actions and efforts, unique skills, ideas and activities by prizes that also publicize and promote the particular public benefit.

The search for eligible candidates may occur throughout the year and it is anticipated that the Foundation will make grants and awards twice a year. The Board will develop and adopt protocol and criteria for nomination and selection, required information, verification and compliance with all State and Federal rules and regulations in connection with each candidate and all awards.

SUI GENERIS is the guiding element in the funding, establishment and actions of this foundation.